Do Wireless Chargers waste more electricity?

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Is wireless charging reliable? Do Wireless Chargers waste more electricity than cable charge? Someone asked if we just keep the wireless charging base turned on without any phone on it,  will it consume power?

The answer is yes, all the electronics&electronical equipments will consume power as long as the power turned on, even if some led indicators which requires power to supply. Of course, the power consumption in standby status is less than charging process.s-l1600-17

 Wireless charging devices are much smarter than ordinary chargers. They could automatically indentify different smartphone model to provide proper power watt supply. When charging is required, the transmitter and receiver chip will start working automatically at the same time. When fully charged, both parties will automatically turn off. They also automatically recognizes different devices and energy requirements for “personalized work”, which is intelligence. So wireless charger can resist unreasonable waste of electricity in charging process.

note: the precautions for using the wireless charger are similar with ordinary wall adapter. When full-power, it is recommended to unplug the adapter to better protect the wireless charger and increase the service life of wireless charger.

2019年10月12日 15:46